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Pro Tour Director

Coach Rudy is a internationally recognized as a professional player. He was ranked among the best in the world on the International Youth Circuit and as # 1 for Paraguay in all age divisions from Boys 10 to Boys 18. He was ranked within the top 5 players in the Florida Tennis Association and as # 3 nationally in Paraguay in the professional circuit. 

Rudy has more than 100 youth singles titles and more than 15 doubles titles in national and international competitions. Such as participation in more than 264 tournaments throughout his career.

For the last 20 years he has been a tennis coach and has worked in tennis academies such as: The International Tennis Club (Paraguay) and Lakeshore Tennis Academy (USA). Currently, he is an ATP Coach and Operative director of Developmental Tennis Institute (D.T.I.)




Tennis Director

Coach Rodrigo, has worked with more than 3,000 students throughout his career; he has managed, organized and supervised Top Tennis Academy in Paraguay for a period of 8 years.


He was the founder and president for the Association of Tennis Professional for Paraguay (ATP PY) among many others accomplishments. He has coached Francisco Rodriguez, who was ranked # 300 in the ATP Tour and a Davis Cup Player for Paraguay for 7 years, Rudy Diaz De Vivar who was ranked # in 1 in Paraguay for every age division among the other accomplishments listed above, Martin Ortiz, # 1 for Paraguay in the Boys 12, and Boys 14 age division.

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