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Quick Start Program



D.T.I has been in South Florida since 2001 working with players of all levels. Our goal has always been to develop a program that is different from everyone else’s. Today the academy is anxious to create and develop players of all ages. From beginners to professional players, D.T.I is committed to providing a top of the line, professional service for the player at whatever the level may be, from Pee- Wees to Touring Pros, we make every effort to contribute to the student’s knowledge, wisdom, and development of their game.



Congrats Victor Lilov  2nd place
M15 Vero Beach Pro Tournament!

April, 28th 2024


D.T.I. is located at the Miramar Silverlakes Tennis Complex in beautiful Miramar, Florida. Miramar is conveniently located 20 minutes from MIA and Fort Lauderdale International Airport. The facility offers 8 lit hard courts. The academy also works in conjunction with the city of Miramar and utilizes a state of the art gym and also possesses a state of the art track at Ansin Sports Complex that the academy utilizes for its fitness program to provide a World Class training experience.

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